Originally two separate diversions from Ahtanum Creek, the Bachelor Creek and Hatton Creek diversions were combined in 1994. The new diversion is about 50 cubic feet per second (CFS) and is screened just downstream from the headgates. Fish are bypassed back to Ahtanum Creek.

The screening facility includes four rotary drum screens that are each 4 feet in diameter by 12 feet long. Screens are constructed of 6-14 stainless steel wire mesh (nominal 3/32-inch openings). They are in operation any time diversions are being made from Ahtanum Creek.

The bypass is a full-depth 18-inch rectangular channel that is 11 feet long. An adjustable weir gate at the end of this channel controls flows that then drop into 3-foot wide by 8-foot long downwell. Bypass flows are then conveyed through a 15-inch diameter PVC pipe for 182 feet to the river.

Parties: U. S. Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation (Owner), Ahtanum Irrigation District (Operator).